Who wrote the poem “God saw how tired you are”?

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The poem “God saw how tired you are” (in Russian: «Бог видел, как ты устала») was written by Russian poet Nikolay Rubtsov. Born on July 20, 1936, in the village of Miklyayevo, Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia, Rubtsov became one of the most prominent poets of the 20th century in Russia. His works are characterized by their deep emotional content and reflection of the human condition.

Nikolay Rubtsov: A Brief Biography

Nikolay Rubtsov was born into a peasant family and grew up in a rural setting. He completed his education in the Yaroslavl Pedagogical Institute and worked as a teacher for several years. However, his true passion lay in poetry, and he started writing at a young age.

His first collection of poems, “Cranes and Pyramids,” was published in 1958 and received positive reviews. Rubtsov’s poetry soon gained recognition for its unique blend of simplicity and profoundness. He often touched upon themes of love, nature, and the struggles of everyday life.

The Poem: “God saw how tired you are”

The poem “God saw how tired you are” is one of Rubtsov’s most famous works. It was published in 1961 and quickly gained popularity among readers for its heartfelt message and relatable themes. The poem expresses empathy and understanding towards the weariness and burdens of life.

Here is the full text of the poem in English translation:

God saw how tired you are
God saw how tired you are
He bent down, kissed you
In your sleep, did not wake you up.
He covered you with His palm, a little
He warmed you in His hands, a little
He gently stroked your forehead and whispered
“Sleep, my dear, sleep.”
And you slept a little longer
And the world with its sorrows, worries
Quietly moved away from you
You slept and did not feel
That love descended upon you.

The Themes of the Poem

The poem “God saw how tired you are” touches upon several themes that resonate with readers:

1. Weariness and Fatigue

Rubtsov acknowledges the weariness and fatigue that individuals experience in their lives. The poem captures the essence of exhaustion and the longing for rest.

2. Divine Intervention

The poem suggests that even in moments of deep weariness, there is a higher power watching over us. God’s presence and intervention are portrayed as a source of comfort and solace.

3. Unseen Acts of Love

Rubtsov emphasizes the idea that love can manifest itself in subtle ways, often unnoticed by the recipient. The poem alludes to God’s love and care for humanity, even when we are oblivious to it.

Reception and Legacy

The poem “God saw how tired you are” resonated deeply with readers and became one of Rubtsov’s most beloved works. It continues to be widely read and appreciated for its emotional depth and universal themes.

Nikolay Rubtsov’s poetry, including “God saw how tired you are,” has left a lasting impact on Russian literature. His works are considered classics and continue to be studied and analyzed by scholars and poetry enthusiasts alike.


1. Is there any other famous poem by Nikolay Rubtsov?

Yes, Nikolay Rubtsov wrote several other famous poems, including “The Ballad of the Soldier’s Wife” and “The Birch Tree.” These poems also gained widespread recognition for their poignant portrayals of love, war, and nature.

2. What is the significance of the poem’s title?

The title “God saw how tired you are” encapsulates the central theme of weariness and acknowledges the struggles individuals face in their lives. It suggests that even in moments of exhaustion, there is a divine presence looking out for us.

3. Are there any English translations of Nikolay Rubtsov’s poetry?

Yes, several English translations of Rubtsov’s poetry exist, allowing readers worldwide to appreciate his works. These translations strive to capture the essence and emotional depth of the original Russian texts.

4. Did Nikolay Rubtsov write any other forms of literature?

While Nikolay Rubtsov is best known for his poetry, he also wrote prose, including short stories and essays. His prose works often explore similar themes as his poetry, showcasing his versatility as a writer.

5. How did Nikolay Rubtsov’s upbringing influence his poetry?

Rubtsov’s rural upbringing and close connection with nature greatly influenced his poetry. His poems often feature vivid descriptions of landscapes, seasons, and the beauty of the natural world.

6. What impact did Nikolay Rubtsov have on Russian literature?

Nikolay Rubtsov is considered one of the most significant poets of the 20th century in Russia. His works, characterized by their emotional depth and relatability, continue to inspire generations of poets and readers. Rubtsov’s contributions to Russian literature have earned him a place among the country’s literary greats.


The poem “God saw how tired you are” by Nikolay Rubtsov remains a cherished piece of Russian literature. Its exploration of weariness, divine intervention, and unseen acts of love resonates with readers worldwide. Rubtsov’s legacy as a poet continues to shine through his timeless works, which capture the human experience with profoundness and empathy.

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