Where to Find Free Dog Pedigree Data Templates?


Having accurate and detailed information about a dog’s lineage is essential for breeders, owners, and enthusiasts alike. A dog’s pedigree reveals its ancestry and helps in understanding its genetic history. If you are looking for free blank pedigree templates to document and organize your dog’s lineage, this article will guide you through various reliable sources.

1. Online Pedigree Databases

There are several online platforms that provide free access to dog pedigree templates. These databases offer a wide range of options, allowing you to select a template that suits your specific needs. Some popular online pedigree databases include:

  • Pedigree Online: This platform offers a vast collection of dog pedigree templates for various breeds. It allows users to search, create, and share pedigrees.
  • AH Pedigrees: AH Pedigrees provides free printable pedigree forms that can be customized to fit different breeds and preferences.
  • Pedigree Database: This database offers access to a large collection of dog pedigrees. It allows users to create, edit, and print pedigrees.

2. Breed-Specific Websites

If you are looking for breed-specific pedigree templates, visiting websites dedicated to your dog’s breed is a great option. Many breed clubs and organizations maintain websites where they provide free resources, including blank pedigree templates. These templates are often tailored to the specific requirements of the breed, ensuring accuracy and completeness of the recorded pedigree information.

2.1 The American Kennel Club (AKC)

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a renowned organization that registers purebred dogs in the United States. Their website offers various resources, including printable pedigree templates for AKC-registered breeds. These templates adhere to the AKC guidelines and provide a standardized format for documenting a dog’s pedigree.

2.2 The Kennel Club (UK)

The Kennel Club (UK) is the primary registry body for pedigree dogs in the United Kingdom. Their website provides free downloadable pedigree templates for different breeds recognized by the Kennel Club. These templates are widely used by breeders and owners in the UK to document their dog’s lineage.

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3. Dog Breeder Communities and Forums

Engaging with dog breeder communities and forums can be an excellent way to find free pedigree templates. These platforms often have dedicated sections where members share resources, including blank pedigree templates. By actively participating in discussions and seeking assistance from experienced breeders, you can discover valuable templates that are widely used and trusted within the community.

4. Software and Applications

Various software and applications are available that allow you to create and manage dog pedigrees digitally. These tools often provide customizable templates that can be filled out electronically. Some popular software and applications for pedigree management include:

  • Breeders Assistant: This software offers comprehensive pedigree management features and provides customizable templates for different breeds.
  • PedFast Technologies: PedFast offers a range of pedigree software options, including free versions with basic features.
  • PedigreeXP: PedigreeXP is a user-friendly pedigree software that allows you to create and print pedigrees with ease.

5. Local Breed Clubs and Associations

Local breed clubs and associations often provide resources and support to breeders and dog owners in their respective regions. These organizations may have websites or physical offices where they offer free pedigree templates. Connecting with your local breed club or association can help you access reliable and region-specific pedigree templates.

6. Creating Your Own Template

If you prefer a personalized approach, you can create your own pedigree template. This option allows you to tailor the template to your specific requirements and preferences. You can use software applications like Microsoft Word or Excel to design a template that suits your needs. Additionally, many online resources provide guidelines and tips for creating a well-structured and informative pedigree template.

7. Utilizing Pedigree Analysis Tools

Once you have a blank pedigree template, it is crucial to fill it with accurate and detailed information. Pedigree analysis tools can assist in gathering and organizing the necessary data. These tools help in tracing the lineage, identifying genetic traits, and ensuring the accuracy of recorded information. Some popular pedigree analysis tools include:

  • PawPeds: PawPeds offers a free online pedigree database with analysis tools for cat and dog pedigrees.
  • BreederZoo: BreederZoo provides pedigree analysis tools, including inbreeding coefficient calculators and generation counters.
  • Progeny: Progeny offers pedigree software with advanced analysis features, aiding breeders in making informed breeding decisions.


Having access to free blank pedigree templates is invaluable for dog breeders, owners, and enthusiasts. Online pedigree databases, breed-specific websites, dog breeder communities, software applications, local breed clubs, and creating personalized templates are all reliable sources for obtaining such templates. By utilizing pedigree analysis tools, you can ensure the accuracy and completeness of the recorded information. With these resources at your disposal, you can efficiently document and manage your dog’s lineage.

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