Where to Buy Frozen Paws?


Buying frozen paws can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. Whether you are a pet owner looking for frozen raw food options for your furry friend or a wildlife enthusiast in search of frozen animal paws for educational purposes, this article will guide you through the various places where you can purchase frozen paws. We will explore both online and offline options, providing detailed information to help you make an informed decision.

1. Pet Supply Stores

Pet supply stores are a popular choice for purchasing frozen paws, especially for those who have domestic pets. These stores often stock a range of frozen raw food options, including paws, to cater to pet owners who prefer a more natural diet for their animals. Some well-known pet supply stores that may carry frozen paws include:

  • PetSmart
  • Petco
  • Chewy

It is advisable to call ahead or check their websites to ensure that they have frozen paws in stock before making a trip to the store.

2. Local Butchers or Meat Suppliers

Local butchers or meat suppliers can be a great source for purchasing frozen paws, especially if you are looking for specific animal paws. They often have a wide range of meat products available, including frozen animal parts. You can inquire about frozen paws at your local butcher shop or meat supplier, and they may be able to provide you with the desired product. It is recommended to call ahead and check their availability to save time.

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3. Online Marketplaces

The internet has revolutionized the way we shop, and frozen paws are no exception. Online marketplaces offer a convenient way to purchase a variety of products, including frozen paws. Here are some popular online marketplaces where you may find frozen paws:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Chewy

When shopping online, it is crucial to read product descriptions, customer reviews, and check seller ratings to ensure the quality and authenticity of the frozen paws. Additionally, consider the shipping options and costs before making a purchase.

4. Exotic Meat Suppliers

If you are specifically looking for frozen paws of exotic animals, such as tigers, lions, or bears, you may need to approach specialized exotic meat suppliers. These suppliers cater to individuals or organizations with specific needs, such as educational institutions or wildlife enthusiasts. Some well-known exotic meat suppliers include:

  • Exotic Meat Market
  • Northwoods Exotic Meats
  • Exotic Meat USA

It is important to note that purchasing and possessing exotic animal parts may be subject to legal restrictions in some regions. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations of your area before making a purchase.

5. Hunting and Taxidermy Shops

Hunting and taxidermy shops can be another potential source for purchasing frozen paws. These establishments often deal with animal parts and may have a selection of frozen paws available for sale. However, availability may vary depending on the season and local hunting regulations. It is advisable to contact hunting and taxidermy shops in your area to inquire about the availability of frozen paws.

6. Online Forums and Classifieds

Online forums and classified websites can be useful platforms for connecting with individuals who may have frozen paws available for sale. Wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, or individuals with specific interests may occasionally list frozen paws for sale on these platforms. However, exercise caution when dealing with individual sellers and ensure that the transaction is legal and trustworthy.

7. International Suppliers

If you are unable to find frozen paws locally, you may consider exploring international suppliers. Some countries may have suppliers that specialize in frozen animal parts, including paws. However, importing animal parts may be subject to strict regulations and customs procedures. It is essential to research the legal requirements and potential restrictions before attempting to purchase from international suppliers.

8. Local Veterinarians or Animal Rehabilitation Centers

Your local veterinarian or animal rehabilitation center may be able to provide guidance on where to purchase frozen paws. These professionals often have contacts in the industry and may be aware of specific suppliers or stores that cater to such needs. Reach out to them and inquire about potential sources for buying frozen paws.

9. Educational Institutions and Museums

For educational purposes, such as research or display, educational institutions and museums may have frozen paws in their collections. Contact local universities, zoos, natural history museums, or educational institutions specializing in veterinary sciences to inquire about their policies on selling or providing frozen paws for educational purposes.

10. Wildlife Conservation Organizations

Wildlife conservation organizations may occasionally have frozen paws available for educational or research purposes. These organizations work closely with wildlife and may have access to animal parts for scientific studies or awareness campaigns. Reach out to reputable wildlife conservation organizations in your area and inquire about the availability of frozen paws.


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