What do two doves mean?



Doves have been symbolic creatures for centuries and are often associated with peace, love, and harmony. In many cultures and religions, they hold a special significance and are considered to bring positive messages. When two doves are seen together, it further enhances their symbolism and carries additional meanings. In this article, we will explore the various interpretations and cultural representations of two doves.

The Symbolism of Doves

Doves have been widely regarded as symbols of peace and love. In Christianity, they are associated with the Holy Spirit and are often depicted alongside Jesus Christ. They represent purity, innocence, and the divine. In other cultures, doves are seen as messengers of the gods, carrying messages of hope and blessings to humanity.

Ancient Egyptian Beliefs

In ancient Egypt, doves were highly revered and associated with the goddess Isis. They were believed to bring fertility, motherhood, and protection. The Egyptians saw them as a symbol of femininity and nurturing qualities.

Greek and Roman Mythology

In Greek and Roman mythology, doves were associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite (Venus in Roman mythology). They represented love, beauty, and desire. The dove was also considered a sacred bird of the goddess of wisdom, Athena (Minerva in Roman mythology).

Native American Beliefs

Native American tribes have their own interpretations of doves. Some tribes see them as symbols of peace, while others associate them with the soul and spiritual connection. Doves are believed to bring healing and balance to individuals and communities.

The Meaning of Two Doves

When two doves are seen together, their symbolism takes on additional significance. Here are some interpretations of what two doves might represent:

Love and Partnership

Two doves symbolize love and partnership. They represent unity, affection, and the bond between two individuals. Seeing two doves together can be a sign of a strong and harmonious relationship.

Peace and Harmony

Two doves together symbolize peace and harmony. Their presence signifies a peaceful period or the resolution of conflicts. It can also be a reminder to seek peace and understanding in our relationships and interactions with others.

Divine Intervention

In some spiritual beliefs, the sighting of two doves is seen as a message from the divine. It can be interpreted as a sign that higher powers are watching over and guiding us. It brings a sense of comfort and reassurance.

New Beginnings

Two doves can represent new beginnings and a fresh start. They symbolize hope, renewal, and the opportunity for positive change. It can be a sign to let go of the past and embrace new possibilities.


The symbolism of two doves holds various interpretations across different cultures and beliefs. They are often associated with love, peace, and divine messages. Whether it signifies love and partnership, peace and harmony, or new beginnings, the sighting of two doves brings positive energy and blessings. It serves as a reminder to embrace love, seek peace, and remain open to the possibilities of growth and transformation.

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