What are the Different Names for Rats?


Rats, which belong to the genus Rattus, are small rodents that have adapted well to urban environments and are found all around the world. These intelligent and adaptable creatures have been given various names and nicknames by people throughout history. In this article, we will explore the different names by which rats are known.

1. Common Names

Rats are commonly referred to by their general name, which is “rat.” This name is used to describe various species of rats, including the most common ones found in urban areas, such as the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) and the black rat (Rattus rattus).

2. Fancy Rat

Fancy rats are domesticated rats that are kept as pets. They are known for their friendly and sociable nature, and are often bred for their unique coat colors and patterns. Fancy rats are also sometimes referred to as pet rats or domestic rats.

3. Lab Rat

Rats are widely used in scientific research, particularly in laboratory experiments. These rats are known as lab rats or laboratory rats. They are specifically bred for research purposes and are used to study various diseases, test new drugs, and understand human biology.

4. Street Rat

In urban environments, rats that live in sewers, garbage dumps, and abandoned buildings are often called street rats. These rats are well-adapted to city life and are considered pests due to their ability to spread diseases and cause damage to infrastructure.

5. Wharf Rat

Rats that inhabit coastal areas, particularly around docks and wharves, are commonly known as wharf rats. These rats are skilled swimmers and are often associated with port cities and waterfronts.

6. Pack Rat

Unlike the other names mentioned above, “pack rat” does not refer to a specific species of rat. Instead, it is a term used to describe rats that have a habit of collecting and hoarding objects. These rats are known for their nesting behavior and tendency to gather various items, such as food, shiny objects, and small trinkets.

7. Roof Rat

Rats that prefer to live in elevated areas, such as attics, rooftops, and trees, are called roof rats. They are excellent climbers and are known for their ability to access buildings through small openings.

8. Norway Rat

The brown rat, also known as the Norway rat or sewer rat, is one of the most common rat species found worldwide. It is often associated with urban areas and is known for its burrowing abilities.

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