The Name of the Baby Fox


Have you ever wondered what the baby fox is called? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will explore the different names used for a baby fox and provide you with detailed information about these adorable creatures. Let’s dive in!

The Red Fox

Before we delve into the name of the baby fox, let’s familiarize ourselves with the species we will be discussing. The red fox, scientifically known as Vulpes vulpes, is one of the most widespread and well-known fox species. It belongs to the Canidae family and is found in various habitats across the Northern Hemisphere.

Understanding Fox Families

Like many other mammals, foxes also have a structured family system. It is important to understand the different members of a fox family to comprehend the naming conventions for their young ones. A typical fox family consists of:

  • Vixen: A female fox is commonly referred to as a vixen. She plays a crucial role in raising the young ones.
  • Tiercel: The male fox is known as a tiercel, dog fox, or reynard.
  • Kits: This term is used to refer to the baby foxes. A litter of foxes can have anywhere from one to ten kits.

The Different Names for a Baby Fox

Now that we understand the basic structure of a fox family, let’s explore the various names given to a baby fox.

Fox Cub

The most commonly used term to describe a baby fox is a fox cub. This name is widely accepted and recognized in different contexts. It perfectly captures the young and playful nature of these adorable creatures.


Another term commonly used to refer to a baby fox is a pup. The term “pup” is often associated with canines, and since foxes belong to the Canidae family, this name fits well. It is worth noting that the term “pup” is not exclusive to foxes but is also used for other young animals like wolves and dogs.


The term “kit” is also frequently used to describe a baby fox. This name is derived from the Old Norse word “kitling,” which means “young animal.” It is a popular term used by both scientists and enthusiasts to refer to young foxes.


While less commonly used, the term “cublet” is an endearing name for a baby fox. It is a diminutive form of “cub” and adds a touch of cuteness to these already adorable creatures.


The term “whelp” is more commonly associated with young canines like dogs. However, it can also be used to describe a baby fox. “Whelp” refers to any young offspring of a mammal, and in the case of foxes, it can be used interchangeably with other names like “kit” or “cub.”


While not as widely known or used, the term “leash” can also be used to refer to a baby fox. However, it is worth noting that this name is less common and may not be recognized by everyone.


When referring to newborn baby foxes, the term “pinkie” is occasionally used. This name is often associated with small, hairless, and blind newborn animals. While it is not as commonly used as other terms, it is still worth mentioning in the context of baby foxes.


In conclusion, a baby fox can be referred to using various names, including fox cub, pup, kit, cublet, whelp, leash, and pinkie. Each name adds a unique charm to these adorable creatures. Whether you encounter a baby fox in the wild or simply want to learn more about them, knowing their different names adds to your understanding and appreciation of these fascinating animals.

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