The Actors Who Participated in the TV Series “Blue Bloods”

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Blue Bloods is a popular American police procedural drama television series that has been on the air since 2010. The show follows the Reagan family, who have a long history of serving as police officers in New York City. Throughout its run, Blue Bloods has featured a talented cast of actors who have brought the characters to life. In this article, we will explore all the actors who have been part of the series, highlighting their roles and contributions.

Main Cast

The main cast of Blue Bloods consists of actors who portray the core members of the Reagan family. These characters serve as the foundation of the show and play pivotal roles in each episode. Let’s take a closer look at the main cast:

1. Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan

Tom Selleck portrays the character of Frank Reagan, the Police Commissioner of New York City and the head of the Reagan family. Selleck brings his commanding presence and authoritative demeanor to the role, making Frank a respected and influential figure within the NYPD.

2. Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan

Donnie Wahlberg plays the role of Danny Reagan, Frank’s oldest son and a detective in the NYPD. Danny is known for his street-smart approach to solving cases and his relentless pursuit of justice. Wahlberg’s portrayal of Danny showcases his versatility as an actor.

3. Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan

Bridget Moynahan portrays Erin Reagan, Frank’s only daughter and an Assistant District Attorney. Erin often finds herself torn between her loyalty to her family and her commitment to upholding the law. Moynahan’s performance captures Erin’s intelligence and determination.

4. Will Estes as Jamie Reagan

Will Estes plays the role of Jamie Reagan, Frank’s youngest son who is also a police officer. Jamie’s idealism and dedication to his job often lead him into challenging situations. Estes’ portrayal of Jamie highlights his character’s internal struggles.

Supporting Cast

In addition to the main cast, Blue Bloods features a talented ensemble of actors who portray supporting characters in the series. These actors play crucial roles in the development of the show’s storylines. Let’s explore some of the notable supporting cast members:

1. Len Cariou as Henry Reagan

Len Cariou portrays Henry Reagan, Frank’s father, and a retired police commissioner. Henry’s wisdom and experience serve as a guiding force for the Reagan family. Cariou’s performance adds depth to Henry’s character.

2. Sami Gayle as Nicky Reagan-Boyle

Sami Gayle plays the role of Nicky Reagan-Boyle, Erin’s daughter, and Frank’s granddaughter. Nicky is often seen grappling with the challenges of growing up in a family of law enforcement officers. Gayle’s portrayal of Nicky showcases her character’s resilience.

3. Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko

Vanessa Ray portrays Eddie Janko, Jamie’s partner and later wife. Eddie is a fellow police officer who shares Jamie’s passion for justice. Ray’s performance brings a dynamic energy to Eddie’s character.

4. Marisa Ramirez as Maria Baez

Marisa Ramirez plays the role of Maria Baez, Danny’s partner and a detective in the NYPD. Baez’s street smarts and determination make her an invaluable asset to Danny’s investigations. Ramirez’s portrayal of Maria adds depth to the character.

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Guest Stars

Over the course of its run, Blue Bloods has had numerous guest stars who have appeared in episodic roles. These actors bring a fresh perspective to the show and contribute to its overall appeal. Let’s explore some of the notable guest stars:

1. Amy Carlson as Linda Reagan

Amy Carlson portrayed Linda Reagan, Danny’s wife, from the first season until the seventh season. Linda’s character was tragically killed off, which had a significant impact on the Reagan family. Carlson’s portrayal of Linda showcased her character’s strong moral compass.

2. Jennifer Esposito as Jackie Curatola

Jennifer Esposito played the role of Jackie Curatola, Danny’s partner before Eddie Janko. Jackie’s character brought a unique dynamic to Danny’s investigations. Esposito’s performance added depth to Jackie’s complex personality.

3. Tony Terraciano and Andrew Terraciano as Jack and Sean Reagan

Tony Terraciano and Andrew Terraciano are real-life brothers who portray Jack and Sean Reagan, Danny’s sons, respectively. Their performances as the Reagan grandchildren add a touch of authenticity to their on-screen interactions.

4. Robert Clohessy as Sid Gormley

Robert Clohessy plays the role of Sid Gormley, the Chief of Department’s (PCD) chief of detectives in the NYPD. Sid’s character often serves as a sounding board for Frank and provides valuable insights into police matters. Clohessy’s portrayal adds depth to Sid’s character.


Blue Bloods has enjoyed immense success and popularity due to its talented cast of actors. From the main cast to the supporting and guest stars, each actor has contributed to the show’s compelling storylines and character development. Their performances have brought the Reagan family and their colleagues to life, making Blue Bloods a must-watch series for fans of police procedural dramas.


1. Is Blue Bloods based on a true story?

No, Blue Bloods is not based on a true story. However, the show draws inspiration from real-life experiences of police officers and their families.

2. How many seasons of Blue Bloods have aired so far?

As of 2021, Blue Bloods has aired 12 seasons.

3. Has Blue Bloods won any awards?

Yes, Blue Bloods has received several award nominations, including Primetime Emmy Awards and People’s Choice Awards.

4. Can I watch Blue Bloods on streaming platforms?

Yes, Blue Bloods is available for streaming on platforms like Netflix and CBS All Access.

5. Are there any spin-offs of Blue Bloods?

No, there are no spin-offs of Blue Bloods. However, the show has had crossover episodes with other CBS series, such as Hawaii Five-0.

6. Will there be more seasons of Blue Bloods?

As of now, Blue Bloods has been renewed for a 13th season, so fans can look forward to more episodes in the future.


The TV series “Blue Bloods” has showcased a talented cast of actors who have brought the characters to life. From the main cast to the supporting and guest stars, each actor has made significant contributions to the show’s success. Their performances have captivated audiences and made “Blue Bloods” a beloved series in the police procedural genre.

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