Series by Fern Michaels: A Detailed Guide

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Fern Michaels is a renowned American author who has captivated readers with her engaging storytelling and unforgettable characters. With a prolific career spanning several decades, Michaels has created numerous book series that have garnered a dedicated fanbase. In this article, we will explore the different series by Fern Michaels and discuss their order of reading.

The Sisterhood Series

The Sisterhood Series is perhaps Fern Michaels’ most popular and beloved series. It follows a group of women who have formed a secret vigilante organization to seek justice for those who have been wronged. The series is known for its strong female characters, action-packed plots, and themes of friendship and empowerment.

1. Weekend Warriors (2003)

The first book in the Sisterhood Series introduces readers to the main characters and sets the stage for their mission. The women, led by Myra Rutledge, come together to take revenge against a man who escaped justice after causing immense pain and suffering.

2. Payback (2004)

In this installment, the Sisterhood tackles a corrupt judge who has been involved in numerous miscarriages of justice. The women use their unique skills and resources to ensure that he faces the consequences of his actions.

3. Vendetta (2005)

Continuing their mission, the Sisterhood targets a sleazy lawyer who has been exploiting vulnerable clients. The women devise a plan to expose his wrongdoing and bring him down.

The Godmothers Series

The Godmothers Series is another popular series by Fern Michaels, known for its mix of suspense, romance, and humor. The series revolves around a group of women who form an unbreakable bond while dealing with their own personal challenges.

1. The Scoop (2011)

In the first book of the Godmothers Series, readers are introduced to the main characters: Toots, Sophie, Ida, and Mavis. These four friends become unlikely sleuths as they investigate a murder that hits close to home.

2. Exclusive (2012)

In this installment, the Godmothers find themselves embroiled in a scandal when Toots’ daughter, Abby, becomes the target of a tabloid journalist. The women must navigate the world of media and fame to protect their loved ones.

3. Late Edition (2013)

As the Godmothers deal with personal and family matters, they stumble upon a conspiracy involving a prominent politician. With their wit and determination, they work together to expose the truth and protect their community.

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The Texas Series

The Texas Series by Fern Michaels is a collection of heartwarming novels set in the Lone Star State. Each book in the series features a different couple’s journey through love, family, and personal growth.

1. Texas Rich (1985)

This book introduces readers to the Coleman family, a wealthy and influential clan living in Texas. The story revolves around Billie Ames, who marries into the family and must navigate the complexities of their world.

2. Texas Heat (1986)

In the second installment, readers follow the lives of the Coleman family as they face various challenges and triumphs. The focus shifts to Maggie, a strong-willed woman determined to protect her family’s legacy.

3. Texas Fury (1989)

The final book in the Texas Series delves into the lives of the next generation of Colemans. As secrets and betrayals come to light, the family’s unity is put to the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Fern Michaels’ series interconnected?

No, each series by Fern Michaels stands on its own and can be enjoyed independently. However, some readers may prefer to read the series in order to fully appreciate character development and recurring themes.

2. How many books are there in the Sisterhood Series?

The Sisterhood Series currently consists of 29 books, with the possibility of more being added in the future. Each book follows the adventures of the Sisterhood as they seek justice.

3. Can I start reading the Godmothers Series without reading the previous books?

Yes, the Godmothers Series can be enjoyed as standalone novels. While there are references to previous events, Fern Michaels ensures that new readers can easily follow the storylines and get to know the characters.

The Texas Series is best read in chronological order to fully appreciate the family saga and character development. Start with “Texas Rich,” followed by “Texas Heat,” and conclude with “Texas Fury.”

5. Are Fern Michaels’ series suitable for all readers?

Fern Michaels’ books cater to a wide range of readers. However, it is worth noting that some series, such as the Sisterhood Series, contain themes of violence and revenge. Readers who prefer lighter, feel-good stories may enjoy the Godmothers or Texas Series more.

6. Will there be more series by Fern Michaels in the future?

As an accomplished author, Fern Michaels continues to write and delight her readers with new series and standalone novels. While future series have not been announced, fans can look forward to more captivating stories from Michaels.


Fern Michaels’ series offer readers a diverse range of stories, from thrilling vigilante justice in the Sisterhood Series to heartwarming family sagas in the Texas Series. Whether you’re a fan of suspense, romance, or a blend of both, there is a series by Fern Michaels that will captivate and entertain you.

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