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The Sean Hannity Show is a popular conservative talk radio program hosted by Sean Hannity. The show covers a wide range of topics including politics, current events, and pop culture. It is syndicated across the United States and can be heard on numerous radio stations. In this article, we will explore some of the major radio stations that broadcast the Sean Hannity Show.

1. Premiere Networks

One of the largest radio syndication companies in the United States, Premiere Networks, distributes the Sean Hannity Show to numerous stations across the country. Premiere Networks is known for syndicating many other popular talk shows, making it a go-to choice for radio stations seeking quality programming.

1.1 Westwood One

Westwood One, a subsidiary of Premiere Networks, is responsible for distributing the Sean Hannity Show to a significant number of radio stations. Westwood One has a wide reach and provides programming to both major market and smaller market stations.

1.2 iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio, another major player in the radio industry, also carries the Sean Hannity Show. iHeartRadio is a digital platform that allows users to listen to radio stations online and through their mobile devices. This provides a convenient way for listeners to access the show regardless of their location.

2. Major Market Radio Stations

The Sean Hannity Show is broadcasted on several major market radio stations across the United States. These stations have a large listener base and cover metropolitan areas, making them key platforms for reaching a wide audience.


KABC-AM is a Los Angeles-based radio station that airs the Sean Hannity Show. Los Angeles is one of the largest media markets in the country, and KABC-AM provides a crucial platform for reaching millions of listeners in Southern California.


WABC-AM, located in New York City, is another major market station that broadcasts the Sean Hannity Show. Being situated in the nation’s largest media market, WABC-AM offers an excellent opportunity to connect with a significant audience.

3. Regional and Local Radio Stations

In addition to major market stations, the Sean Hannity Show is also broadcasted on numerous regional and local radio stations. These stations cater to specific regions or cities and often have a loyal listener base.

3.1 WJR-AM

WJR-AM is a Detroit-based radio station that airs the Sean Hannity Show. This station is a prominent voice in the Midwest and allows the show to reach listeners in the Detroit metropolitan area and surrounding regions.


KFYI-AM is a Phoenix-based radio station that broadcasts the Sean Hannity Show. Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the United States, and KFYI-AM serves as a crucial platform for reaching listeners in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

4. SiriusXM

The Sean Hannity Show is also available on SiriusXM, a satellite radio service that offers a wide range of channels and programming options. SiriusXM provides national coverage, allowing listeners from all over the country to tune in to the show.

5. Online Streaming

For those who prefer to listen to the Sean Hannity Show online, there are several options available. Many radio stations offer live streaming on their websites, allowing listeners to access the show remotely. Additionally, the official website of the Sean Hannity Show provides an audio archive where users can listen to past episodes.

6. Podcasts

The Sean Hannity Show is also available in podcast format, allowing listeners to download and listen to episodes at their convenience. Podcasts provide a flexible way for audiences to engage with the show, as they can be listened to on-demand and are accessible on various devices.

7. Conclusion

The Sean Hannity Show is widely available across the United States through various radio stations, digital platforms, and online streaming options. Whether you prefer listening on traditional radio, through satellite radio, or via the internet, there are numerous ways to access and enjoy the show. By partnering with major syndication companies like Premiere Networks and being broadcasted on major market, regional, and local radio stations, Sean Hannity’s show continues to reach millions of listeners nationwide.

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