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Pasig City is one of the highly urbanized cities in the Philippines, located in the National Capital Region (NCR). Just like any other city, Pasig has its own unique postal code system to ensure efficient mail delivery. In this article, we will explore the postal code of Pasig City, its subdivisions, and other relevant information related to postal services in the area.

1. Introduction to Pasig City

Pasig City is situated in the eastern part of Metro Manila, the capital region of the Philippines. It is bordered by the cities of Quezon City and Marikina to the north, Makati and Mandaluyong to the west, and Taguig to the south. Pasig is known for its bustling commercial centers, residential areas, and historical sites. With a population of over 755,000 people, Pasig City is a vibrant and diverse urban area.

1.1 Location and Geography

Pasig City covers a total land area of approximately 31.00 square kilometers. It is situated along the eastern border of Metro Manila and is traversed by the Pasig River, which divides the city into two main districts: Pasig East and Pasig West. The city’s topography is generally flat, with some elevated areas in the eastern part.

1.2 History and Culture

Pasig City has a rich history dating back to pre-colonial times. It was originally inhabited by the Tagalog people and later became a part of the Kingdom of Namayan. During the Spanish colonial period, Pasig became a thriving trading hub and was known for its local industries such as pottery and weaving. Today, Pasig City is a dynamic and modern city that still preserves its cultural heritage through various festivals and historical landmarks.

2. Postal Code System in the Philippines

The postal code system in the Philippines was implemented to streamline mail delivery and improve efficiency. The country uses a four-digit postal code system, with each code representing a specific area or location. The first two digits represent the province or city, while the last two digits indicate the specific town or district.

2.1 Significance of Postal Codes

Postal codes are essential in ensuring accurate and prompt mail delivery. They help postal workers identify the correct destination, sort mail efficiently, and minimize the risk of misdelivery. Postal codes also play a crucial role in various sectors such as logistics, e-commerce, and government services.

2.2 Structure of Postal Codes

The structure of a Philippine postal code consists of four digits. The first two digits represent the region or province, while the last two digits indicate the municipality or city. For example, the postal code 1600 corresponds to Malabon City, while 1209 represents Makati City.

3. Postal Code of Pasig City

Pasig City has its own unique postal code, which helps in distinguishing it from other cities in Metro Manila. The postal code of Pasig City is 1600. This four-digit code is used for mail sorting and delivery within the city’s jurisdiction.

3.1 Subdivisions in Pasig City

Pasig City is further divided into several barangays, which are the smallest administrative divisions in the Philippines. Each barangay has its own unique postal code, allowing for more precise mail delivery. Here are some of the major subdivisions in Pasig City:

  • Bagong Ilog (1600)
  • Barangka Drive (1600)
  • Buting (1600)
  • Kapasigan (1600)
  • Kapitolyo (1603)
  • Manggahan (1611)
  • Maybunga (1607)
  • Oranbo (1609)
  • Pasig Green Park Village (1602)
  • Pineda (1608)
  • San Antonio (1605)
  • San Joaquin (1601)
  • Santa Cruz (1603)
  • Santa Lucia (1608)
  • Santa Rosa (1609)
  • Santo Tomas (1600)
  • Sumilang (1600)
  • Ugong (1604)

4. Postal Services in Pasig City

Pasig City, being a highly urbanized area, has various postal services available to its residents and businesses. The Philippine Postal Corporation, commonly known as PhilPost, is the government agency responsible for providing these services. Some of the services offered by PhilPost in Pasig City include:

4.1 Mail and Parcel Delivery

PhilPost offers domestic and international mail delivery services. Residents and businesses in Pasig City can send letters, documents, and packages through regular mail or express mail service (EMS). EMS provides faster and more secure delivery for urgent or important items.

4.2 Postal ID Application

The Postal ID is a valid identification card issued by PhilPost. It can be used for various transactions and is accepted by government agencies, banks, and other establishments. Pasig City residents can apply for a Postal ID at the nearest post office and provide the necessary requirements.

4.3 Philatelic Services

PhilPost also caters to stamp collectors and enthusiasts through its philatelic services. Pasig City residents can purchase commemorative stamps, first-day covers, and other philatelic products at select post offices. These items often feature important events, historical figures, or cultural aspects of the Philippines.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: How do I address mail to Pasig City?

When addressing mail to Pasig City, you should include the recipient’s name, street address, barangay, and the postal code (1600). For example:

Recipient’s Name Street Address Barangay Postal Code
John Doe 123 Main Street Barangka Drive 1600

FAQ 2: How long does it take for mail to reach Pasig City?

The delivery time for mail to Pasig City depends on various factors such as the origin of the mail, the type of service used, and any unforeseen circumstances. Generally, domestic mail within Metro Manila can take 1-2 days, while international mail may take longer due to customs clearance and distance.

FAQ 3: Can I track my mail or package sent to Pasig City?

Yes, PhilPost provides a tracking service called “Track and Trace” that allows customers to track their mail and packages. The tracking number can be obtained from the sender, and it can be used on the PhilPost website or through their mobile app to monitor the delivery status.

FAQ 4: Are there any restrictions on sending items through mail to Pasig City?

Yes, there are certain restrictions on sending items through mail. Prohibited items include explosives, firearms, flammable materials, illegal drugs, and perishable goods. It is advisable to check with PhilPost or the destination country’s postal service for a comprehensive list of restricted or prohibited items.

FAQ 5: Can I send money through the postal service in Pasig City?

Yes, PhilPost offers a money transfer service called “Pera Padala.” It allows customers to send and receive money domestically and internationally. Pasig City residents can visit the nearest post office and inquire about the requirements and fees for this service.

FAQ 6: How can I report lost or undelivered mail in Pasig City?

If you encounter any issues with lost or undelivered mail, you can report it to the PhilPost customer service hotline or visit the nearest post office in Pasig City. They will assist you in filing a report and investigating the matter.

FAQ 7: Can I redirect my mail to a different address in Pasig City?

Yes, PhilPost provides a mail forwarding service that allows customers to redirect their mail to a different address. This service is useful for individuals who have changed residences or businesses that have relocated. You can inquire about the requirements and fees for this service at the nearest post office.

6. Conclusion

Knowing the postal code of Pasig City is essential for accurate mail delivery and efficient postal services. The postal code 1600 represents Pasig City, and it is used to identify the city in the Philippine postal system. Whether you are sending mail or expecting a package in Pasig City, understanding the postal code system and utilizing the available postal services will ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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