Life of Migrant Workers in the Movie “Of Mice and Men”

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The movie “Of Mice and Men” directed by Gary Sinise, based on John Steinbeck’s novel, explores the lives of migrant workers during the Great Depression in the United States. The film portrays the harsh realities and challenges faced by these individuals as they navigate through a difficult time in American history. This article delves into the various aspects of the lives of the migrant workers depicted in the movie, providing a detailed analysis of their experiences.

The Economic Context

The Great Depression, which lasted from 1929 to the late 1930s, had a profound impact on the lives of many Americans. The economic collapse led to high unemployment rates and widespread poverty, forcing people to migrate in search of work. Migrant workers, also known as itinerant workers, were individuals who traveled from place to place, often in search of seasonal employment in agriculture or other industries.

Motivations for Migration

One of the main reasons why individuals became migrant workers during this period was the lack of stable employment opportunities in their home regions. Many people were unable to find work in their local communities, leading them to embark on journeys in search of better prospects. The movie captures this desperation and the hope for a better life that drives the characters.

The Role of Discrimination

Discrimination played a significant role in the lives of migrant workers during the Great Depression. The movie portrays the challenges faced by individuals who were discriminated against based on their race, ethnicity, or social class. These factors often limited their access to certain jobs and subjected them to harsh treatment and unequal pay.

Of Mice And Men in a Minute – Prejudice against migrant workers

The Daily Lives of Migrant Workers

The movie provides a glimpse into the daily lives of migrant workers, showcasing the hardships they faced and the routines they followed.

Living Conditions

Migrant workers often lived in temporary accommodations such as shanty towns, labor camps, or bunkhouses provided by their employers. These living conditions were often crowded, unhygienic, and lacked basic amenities. The movie accurately portrays the cramped and dilapidated living spaces of the characters, emphasizing the harsh realities they had to endure.

Work and Wages

Migrant workers typically engaged in physically demanding and low-paying jobs, such as farm labor or construction work. The movie depicts the characters working long hours under strenuous conditions, highlighting the grueling nature of their jobs. The wages earned by these workers were often meager, barely enough to sustain themselves and their families.

Relationships and Loneliness

Migrant workers often experienced loneliness and social isolation due to their transient lifestyles. The movie explores the relationships formed between the characters, showcasing the importance of companionship and camaraderie in the face of adversity. However, these relationships were often short-lived, as the characters had to move on to find new employment opportunities.

Challenges and Hardships

The movie “Of Mice and Men” sheds light on the numerous challenges and hardships faced by migrant workers during the Great Depression.

Unstable Employment

Migrant workers faced the constant uncertainty of finding and keeping employment. The movie portrays the characters’ struggles to secure stable jobs and the fear of being unemployed and left without any means of survival.

Exploitation and Abuse

Migrant workers were often subjected to exploitation and abuse by employers and those in positions of power. The movie highlights instances of mistreatment, unfair wages, and lack of basic rights and protections for the characters.

Health and Safety Risks

Migrant workers frequently worked in hazardous conditions without proper safety measures. The movie illustrates the characters’ exposure to physical risks and the lack of access to healthcare services, leading to injuries, illnesses, and even death.


The movie “Of Mice and Men” provides a poignant portrayal of the lives of migrant workers during the Great Depression. Through its depiction of the characters’ struggles, relationships, and hardships, the film offers a glimpse into the realities faced by these individuals. The movie serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength exhibited by migrant workers during one of the most challenging periods in American history.

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