How to Obtain Celebi in Pokemon Gold Version

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Pokemon Gold Version is a classic game that introduced players to the Johto region and its vast array of Pokemon. One of the most sought-after and elusive Pokemon in this game is Celebi, a mythical Psychic/Grass-type Pokemon. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to obtain Celebi in Pokemon Gold Version.

1. Understanding Celebi

Celebi is a special Pokemon known for its time-travel abilities and unique moveset. Before embarking on the journey to catch Celebi, it’s important to understand its characteristics:

  • Celebi is a Psychic/Grass-type Pokemon.
  • It has a base experience of 64.
  • Celebi evolves from a baby form called “Celebi Egg”.
  • Celebi is not available through normal gameplay and requires a special event or glitch to obtain.

2. The Ilex Forest Mystery

The Ilex Forest in Pokemon Gold Version is a crucial location for obtaining Celebi. Here’s what you need to know:

2.1. Shrine of Celebi

Deep within the Ilex Forest lies the Shrine of Celebi. This sacred place is said to be the home of Celebi. To access the shrine, you need to complete certain tasks and fulfill specific requirements.

2.2. Clearing the Forest

Before you can reach the Shrine of Celebi, you must navigate through the dense Ilex Forest. Use Cut and Surf to clear a path through the trees and water obstacles.

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3. Obtaining the GS Ball

The GS Ball is an item required to trigger the Celebi event. Follow these steps to obtain the GS Ball:

3.1. Battle the Elite Four

Defeat the Elite Four and become the Champion of the Johto region. This accomplishment is necessary to trigger the event that leads to the GS Ball.

3.2. Visit Professor Elm

After becoming the Champion, visit Professor Elm in New Bark Town. He will inform you about a mysterious ball that arrived at his lab.

3.3. Kurt and the GS Ball

Professor Elm will instruct you to visit Kurt, the Apricorn craftsman in Azalea Town. Kurt will take the GS Ball and work on it to make it usable.

3.4. Return to Kurt

After some time, return to Kurt in Azalea Town to collect the GS Ball. It will be ready for use in the next step.

4. Activating the Celebi Event

Now that you have the GS Ball, it’s time to activate the Celebi event. Follow these instructions:

4.1. Reach the Shrine of Celebi

Make your way through the Ilex Forest once again and reach the Shrine of Celebi. This time, you can access the previously blocked area with the GS Ball.

4.2. Interacting with the Shrine

Approach the Shrine of Celebi and interact with it. The GS Ball will be used, triggering the appearance of Celebi.

4.3. Capturing Celebi

Prepare for a battle against Celebi, as it will be at a high level and must be weakened before attempting to capture it. Use Ultra Balls or other strong Poké Balls to increase your chances of success.

5. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

5.1. Can Celebi be obtained without the GS Ball?

No, the GS Ball is an essential item required to trigger the Celebi event. Without it, Celebi cannot be obtained through normal gameplay.

5.2. Can Celebi be transferred to newer Pokemon games?

Yes, Celebi can be transferred to newer Pokemon games using the Pokemon Bank or other compatible transfer methods.

5.3. Can Celebi be shiny?

Yes, Celebi can be shiny. However, the chances of encountering a shiny Celebi are extremely rare.

5.4. Can I trade for Celebi with other players?

Yes, you can trade for Celebi with other players who have obtained it. However, be cautious of illegitimate or hacked Celebi, as they may cause issues in your game.

5.5. Can Celebi learn exclusive moves?

Celebi can learn a variety of moves, including exclusive moves like Leaf Storm and Nasty Plot. These moves enhance Celebi’s battle capabilities.

5.6. Can I breed Celebi?

No, Celebi is unable to breed. It falls under the “Undiscovered” egg group, making it unable to produce eggs.

5.7. Does Celebi have any unique abilities?

Celebi possesses the ability Natural Cure, which heals any status conditions upon switching out of battle. This ability can be helpful in various situations.

6. Conclusion

Celebi is a remarkable and sought-after Pokemon in Pokemon Gold Version. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can obtain this mythical Pokemon and add it to your collection. Explore the Ilex Forest, obtain the GS Ball, and activate the Celebi event to begin your journey with this extraordinary Pokemon.

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