How to Get a Tattoo Artist Job in “Sims 3”

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In the popular life simulation game “Sims 3,” players have the opportunity to pursue various careers and live out their virtual dreams. One unique job path available in the game is becoming a tattoo artist. This article will guide you through the process of obtaining a tattoo artist job in “Sims 3,” providing detailed steps and tips for success.

1. Start with a Creative Sim

Before embarking on the journey to become a tattoo artist, it is important to create a Sim with the creative trait. This trait will enhance the Sim’s artistic skills and make it easier to excel in the tattoo artist career. Additionally, consider selecting other traits that align with the creative profession, such as artistic or perfectionist.

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2. Gain Artistic Skill

To become a successful tattoo artist, your Sim needs to develop their artistic skill. Encourage your Sim to practice painting, drawing, and sculpting regularly. These activities will improve their creative abilities and increase their chances of getting hired as a tattoo artist.

2.1 Painting

Painting is an excellent way to boost your Sim’s artistic skill. Purchase an easel and encourage your Sim to paint different types of artwork. As they continue painting, their skill level will increase. Higher skill levels will impress potential employers and make finding a tattoo artist job easier.

2.2 Drawing

In addition to painting, encourage your Sim to practice drawing. Sims can draw using the sketchpad or drafting table. Similar to painting, regular practice will improve their drawing skill, making them more appealing to tattoo shops.

2.3 Sculpting

Sculpting is another creative outlet that can help your Sim gain artistic skill. Purchase a sculpting station and have your Sim create sculptures. Like painting and drawing, practicing sculpting regularly will enhance their artistic abilities and increase their chances of securing a tattoo artist job.

3. Build a Portfolio

Having a portfolio of your Sim’s artwork is crucial when applying for a tattoo artist job. The portfolio showcases their artistic style and skills, giving potential employers a glimpse into their talent. Use the easel, sketchpad, and sculpting station to create a variety of high-quality artworks to include in the portfolio.

4. Visit the Tattoo Parlor

Once your Sim has developed their artistic skill and built an impressive portfolio, it’s time to start looking for a tattoo artist job. Visit the local tattoo parlor in the game and introduce your Sim to the owner or manager. This interaction will open up job opportunities and allow your Sim to showcase their portfolio.

5. Improve Relationships

Building relationships with other Sims is essential for career advancement in “Sims 3.” Engage in friendly interactions with the tattoo parlor owner, employees, and other potential clients. Developing positive relationships will increase your Sim’s chances of getting hired and receiving promotions in the tattoo artist career.

5.1 Networking at Social Events

Attending social events and interacting with other Sims can help your Sim build valuable connections. Look out for parties or gatherings where tattoo enthusiasts might be present. Engage in conversations, share your Sim’s artwork, and make a lasting impression on potential clients or employers.

5.2 Joining Social Groups

Joining social groups related to art or tattoos can also open doors for your Sim’s career. Look for art clubs or tattoo enthusiast groups in the game and have your Sim join them. Participate in group activities and events to meet influential Sims who can help your Sim advance in their tattoo artist job.

6. Practice Tattooing

While building relationships and searching for job opportunities, it is crucial for your Sim to practice tattooing. Purchase a tattoo chair and have your Sim begin practicing on willing participants. This will not only improve their tattooing skill but also provide them with a practical understanding of the craft.

6.1 Studying Tattoo Designs

In addition to actual tattooing practice, encourage your Sim to study various tattoo designs. This will expand their knowledge and creativity when it comes to creating unique and appealing tattoos. The more designs your Sim is familiar with, the better they will be able to cater to clients’ preferences.

7. Apply for Tattoo Artist Jobs

Once your Sim has gained sufficient artistic skill, built a portfolio, established relationships, and practiced tattooing, it’s time to apply for tattoo artist jobs. Keep an eye out for job postings at the tattoo parlor or use the newspaper or computer in the game to search for available positions. Submit your Sim’s portfolio and application to increase their chances of getting hired.

8. Excel in the Tattoo Artist Career

After successfully securing a tattoo artist job, the journey doesn’t end there. To excel in the career and unlock new opportunities, your Sim needs to continuously improve their artistic skill, build positive relationships, and meet clients’ expectations. Completing tasks and meeting career goals will lead to promotions and increased job satisfaction for your Sim.

8.1 Taking Additional Art Classes

Encourage your Sim to enroll in art classes to further enhance their artistic abilities. These classes will provide additional skill points and unlock new techniques that can be applied to tattooing. Taking art classes shows dedication and commitment to the craft, making your Sim more valuable as a tattoo artist.

8.2 Expanding the Tattoo Parlor

If your Sim aspires to own a tattoo parlor or advance in their career, consider expanding the existing tattoo parlor or creating a new one from scratch. This will provide your Sim with more control over their work environment and allow for personalized client experiences.


Becoming a tattoo artist in “Sims 3” requires dedication, artistic skill, and building relationships. By following the steps outlined in this article, your Sim will be well on their way to obtaining a rewarding and successful career as a tattoo artist. Enjoy the journey and let your Sim’s creativity shine!

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