How to Determine the Manufacturing Date of a Colt Python?


Colt Python is a renowned and iconic revolver that has gained popularity among firearms enthusiasts for its precision, craftsmanship, and classic design. If you are a Colt Python owner or a potential buyer, it’s natural to be curious about the manufacturing date of your firearm. In this article, we will explore various methods and resources that can help you determine the production date of a Colt Python.

1. Check the Colt Python Serial Number

The serial number of a Colt Python can provide crucial information about its manufacturing date. Colt firearms typically have a serial number stamped on the frame, barrel, and cylinder. To decode the serial number and find out the production date, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify the Serial Number Format: Colt has used different serial number formats throughout its production history. Determine if your Colt Python has a “V” prefix or a “K” prefix, as this will affect the decoding process.
  2. Consult Online Resources: Several websites provide Colt Python serial number lookup services. Visit these websites and enter your serial number to retrieve the manufacturing date.
  3. Interpret the Serial Number: If you prefer not to rely on online resources, you can manually decode the serial number. Research the specific serial number format used during the production year of your Colt Python and interpret the date accordingly.
  4. Seek Expert Help: If you encounter difficulties decoding the serial number or require additional information, consider reaching out to Colt experts or collectors who have extensive knowledge about Colt firearms.

2. Research Colt Python Production Years

Colt Python was manufactured from 1955 to 2005, with a brief reintroduction in 2020. Understanding the different production years and changes made during those years can aid in determining the manufacturing date of your Colt Python. Here are some key points to consider:

  • First Generation (1955-1969): The first generation Colt Pythons featured a full-lug barrel and were chambered in .357 Magnum. They had a blued finish and wooden grips.
  • Second Generation (1970-1974): In the second generation, Colt introduced an adjustable rear sight and changed the grip design to a target-style grip with a medallion.
  • Third Generation (1975-1985): The third generation Pythons saw further design changes, including a redesigned barrel, a matte stainless steel finish option, and a ramped front sight.
  • Fourth Generation (1986-1995): During this period, Colt made additional modifications, such as a change in barrel length options and the introduction of a Colt Python Elite model.
  • Fifth Generation (1996-2005): The fifth-generation Pythons featured a Python Custom Shop option and were offered in various barrel lengths and finishes.
  • Reintroduction (2020): Colt reintroduced the Python in 2020 with a redesigned frame and improved internal components.

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3. Examine Manufacturing Markings

Colt Python revolvers often have manufacturing markings that can provide insights into their production date. These markings may include roll marks, proof marks, inspector marks, and patent information. By carefully examining these markings, you might be able to identify the approximate manufacturing period of your Colt Python.

4. Seek Colt Factory Records

If you have access to Colt factory records or historical archives, you can directly inquire about the manufacturing date of your Colt Python. Colt maintains detailed records that document the production dates and specifications of their firearms. Contact Colt directly or visit their website to explore the possibilities of obtaining factory records.

5. Consult with Gunsmiths and Colt Experts

Gunsmiths and Colt experts who specialize in Colt firearms can be valuable resources when it comes to determining the manufacturing date of your Colt Python. These professionals possess extensive knowledge and experience working with Colt revolvers and may be able to identify specific manufacturing characteristics or features that indicate the production year.

6. Consider the Firearm’s Condition and Features

The condition and features of your Colt Python can also provide clues about its manufacturing date. Changes in grips, barrel length, finishes, and other specifications can indicate a specific production period. Research and compare these details with known manufacturing variations to narrow down the date range.

7. Leverage Online Colt Python Communities

Online communities, forums, and social media groups dedicated to Colt firearms can be valuable platforms for seeking advice and sharing information. Engaging with fellow Colt Python enthusiasts can help you gather insights, share experiences, and potentially find individuals who have knowledge about your specific Colt Python model and manufacturing date.

In conclusion, determining the manufacturing date of a Colt Python revolver requires a combination of research, decoding serial numbers, examining manufacturing markings, consulting experts, and utilizing available resources. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can enhance your understanding of your Colt Python’s production history and appreciate the rich heritage of this iconic firearm.

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