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Pokemon Sapphire is one of the popular versions of the Pokemon series, released by Game Freak in 2002. It offers players the opportunity to embark on an exciting journey to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer. Aron, a steel/rock type Pokemon, is one of the fascinating creatures that players can encounter and train in the game. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Aron’s development, including its evolution, moveset, and strategies to maximize its potential.

Evolving Aron

Aron evolves into Lairon, its first evolution, at level 32. To further evolve it into its final form, Aggron, players need to raise Lairon’s level to 42. Evolutionary stages are crucial in a Pokemon’s development, as they often bring significant stat boosts and new moves. Therefore, it is essential for trainers to focus on leveling up Aron to unlock its full potential.

Aron’s Moveset

Aron starts with a basic moveset consisting of Tackle and Harden. As it levels up, it learns a variety of moves that can be useful in battles. Here is a list of some notable moves Aron can learn:

  • Metal Claw (Level 17) – A steel-type move with a chance to increase Aron’s attack.
  • Iron Defense (Level 23) – Raises Aron’s defense stat sharply.
  • Take Down (Level 30) – A normal-type move with high power but causes recoil damage to Aron.
  • Iron Tail (Level 37) – A powerful steel-type move with a chance to lower the opponent’s defense.
  • Double-Edge (Level 44) – A strong normal-type move with high power but causes recoil damage to Aron.

These moves offer a good balance of offense and defense, allowing Aron to withstand attacks while dealing significant damage to opponents.

Training Aron

Effective training is vital to maximize Aron’s potential. Here are some key points to consider when training Aron:

1. Leveling

To evolve Aron into its final form, Aggron, trainers must focus on leveling it up. Engaging in battles with wild Pokemon, participating in trainer battles, and utilizing experience-boosting items can help expedite Aron’s growth.

2. EV Training

Effort Value (EV) training is another crucial aspect of Pokemon development. Aron’s evolutionary line emphasizes defense and attack, making it suitable for EV training in those areas. Defeating Pokemon that give EV points in defense and attack, such as Geodude and Machop, can help enhance Aron’s stats in the desired direction.

3. Move Diversity

Teaching Aron a variety of moves can provide versatility in battles. TM (Technical Machine) and HM (Hidden Machine) moves, as well as move tutors, can expand Aron’s moveset beyond its natural progression. It is important to consider moves that cover different types and provide options for different battle scenarios.

Strategies with Aron

Here are a few strategies that trainers can employ while using Aron in battles:

1. Defensive Wall

Aron’s excellent defense stat makes it an ideal candidate for a defensive wall. By utilizing moves like Iron Defense and having a moveset with recovery moves like Rest or Roar, Aron can endure multiple attacks while wearing down opponents.

2. Offensive Sweeper

With its decent attack stat and moves like Metal Claw and Iron Tail, Aron can also be trained as an offensive sweeper. By utilizing moves that increase its attack and speed, Aron can quickly take down opponents before they can react.

3. Type Coverage

Aron’s steel typing provides advantages against several common types, such as Ice, Rock, and Fairy. Trainers can take advantage of this by teaching Aron moves like Rock Slide or Thunderbolt to deal with these types effectively.


Aron’s development in Pokemon Sapphire is an exciting journey for trainers. By understanding its evolution, moveset, training methods, and battle strategies, trainers can make the most of this unique steel/rock type Pokemon. Whether it’s evolving Aron into Aggron, teaching it powerful moves, or utilizing its defensive or offensive capabilities strategically, Aron can become a formidable asset in any trainer’s team.

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